Cool Canada Ties Retro Canada Maple Leaf Neckties

Cool Canada Ties Retro Canada Maple Leaf Neckties 

Cool Souvenir Tie Retro Maple Leaf Canada Neckties Canada Flag Ties Beautiful Canada Ties Canada Maple Leaf Souvenir Ties, Apparel Stylish Canada Ties Customize Canada Souvenirs Canada Souvenir Ties, Keepsakes Canada Gifts for Men, Women Home Office Beautiful Red Maple Leaves Ties, Black Canada Necktie Canadian Souvenir Ties Design by Canadian Artist Kim Hunter. See for More Art, Design, Canada Souvenirs, Keepsakes, Gifts Apparel Online. Create a one-of-a-kind custom printed tie, with prints that align front and tail after you knot it! Our handmade, 100% silk tie is a great way to elevate your formal attire, showcasing your unique design or art. Highlight your personality with your own custom prints on your tie, while still sticking to the dress code! Make that perfect personalized graduation gift or groomsmen accessory with unique designs. Be the only one in the room to wear a self-aligning tie that matches its patterns front and back when worn!

Price: US $60.00



Size Chart - Silk Tie
Width (inch)3
Length (inch)56


The size chart shows the Width and Height of the accessory, measured near its center. Choose the size that best fits your requirement from the Size Chart.

See the Fit Guide page for more details.

To determine custom size for an accessory, pick an existing one that fits well. Spread the accessory flat on a table. Measure its width near the center. Use this number as the Width in the Custom Slider. Measure its height from top to bottom, also at center. Choose this number as the Height in the Custom Slider.

See the Custom Fit page for more details.

  • Hand wash separately
  • Line dry only
  • Do not steam
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean

We source the best fabric and print or dye your design, then custom make and ship it directly to you. Since each products is custom made to order, you can typically expect delivery in about 2 - 3 weeks from the time of placing an order. Orders may require additional time during holidays.

Since each product is personalized to a customer’s design, fabric or size, we are unable to accept general returns. However, if the product is damaged, or materially different from what is shown on the site, we will replace it free of cost.

Since the technology for on-screen display and print are vastly different, there may be minor variations in color and alignment from screen to actual product.